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Everyone has a story. Whether you're a plaintiff or a defendant, you need someone who can tell the money side of it.

That's us. We're Harper Hofer & Associates, a very different kind of CPA firm based in Denver. Our focus is litigation, business valuation, marital dissolutions and taxing situations.

It's about damages. Someone took or wants your money. The process is arduous and often painful. We understand that. This is your company, your life, your career, your dreams. Maybe it's a contentious divorce that, if handled incorrectly, could devastate you. Possibly it's lost wages, but it's also about recovering your sense of worth. Perhaps it's being forced to value your business and put a price tag on something you've spent your life building or figuring out who gets what when nobody knows for sure.

It's about value. A valuation has significant consequences for your company, your employees and you - whether you're valuing the whole company, options or your intellectual property. This matters for strategic planning, financial reporting, marital dissolutions or other wealth transfers.

We know. We've heard your story in every variation, and our approach is the same. We mix brainpower with due diligence, sprinkle liberally with over 100 years combined experience and an absolute commitment to excellence to ensure supportable, objective conclusions.

Incomes and Outcomes. We offer financial and forensic analysis, but what does that really say? It says that money talks and we translate. We're fluent in the tasks we take on; we know how to interpret this information, and how to deliver it with insight and impact. We've been told we're brilliant financial consultants as we tell the money story in connection with:

Complex Litigation
Marital Dissolutions
Lost Income
Economic Analysis
Estate and Trust Litigation


Contract Disputes
Intellectual Property
Investigatory Accounting
Standard of Care
Fraud Investigation

And those taxing situations.

We Tell the Story of Money

Melinda Harper and Preston Hofer support access to
civil justice by giving to the Legal Aid Foundation.
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