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Along with us, our fine staff of professionals have years and depth of experience and outstanding credentials that assure every client attention to detail and professionalism.

Our experts provide testimony before courts of law or in arbitrations and assist with mediations and settlement negotiations. We've done so in federal, state and bankruptcy courts nationwide, including California, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.
Abigail O'Connor - My consulting experience includes forensic accounting, economic damages and valuation analysis. I appreciate the ability to work with a wide variety of clients and industries; each situation brings unique issues and interesting challenges! I am always focused on the best way to meet client needs. I'm a CPA, ABV and a CFF.
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Abigail O'Connor
Andy Baum - Over 7 years ago, in search of a new direction in my accounting career, I responded to a posting for a position at the largest family law forensic accounting firm in California. I realized shortly thereafter that I had found just what I was looking for. It was at this firm that I honed my forensic and valuation skills, learning what matters and where to find it. It is here, at Harper Hofer & Associates, that I continue to expand these skills to provide the highest level of service possible. I also help with estate planning, business valuations outside of family law, and damages. I'm a CPA licensed in Colorado & California and hold the ABV and CFF credentials.
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Andy Baum
Bill Rogers - I have provided services and solutions for 28 years to businesses large and small focused on real estate and oil and gas development. My experience is heavily weighted to individual business owners and their related tax concerns, including family tax planning and trust and estate tax matters. I have had the good fortune of working with several of the largest international CPA firms as well as directly in corporate tax departments. I'm a CPA/CFF.
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Bill Rogers
Christie Doty - I make sure the firm's system works smoothly, for you and for my colleagues here. I also make sure we have what we need when we need it. I can tackle projects big and small! I am happy to be part of the team! My office management background allows me to be a part of and contribute in multiple areas.
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Christie Doty
Deb Olson - I connect and coordinate client needs with our tax experts and support the staff of HHA anyway I can help. My background includes experience in identity theft detection as well as tax services. I'm committed to providing you the highest level of customer service. I look forward to assisting you!
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Deb Olson
Gloria Padilla de García - I assist with preparation of individual and business tax returns, tax projections, responding to taxing authority notices and monthly bookkeeping. I also provide assistance on family law cases with spending analysis and preparing Sworn Financial Statements. Along with my tax and forensic accounting background, I pride myself on providing the highest level of client service.
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Gloria Padilla de Garcia
Greg Weiss - Six years in the mutual fund industry and more than 10 years in public accounting taught me the importance of telling the story. My story telling ability and my broad base of experience means I focus on what matters and then communicate that simply and clearly. Whether it's explaining what a company is worth or how a fraud was committed, I use my investigatory skills to work through the facts and circumstances, analyzing and distilling it all into a clear, concise and compelling story. I'm an MBA, CPA/CFF & CVA.
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Greg Weiss
Gretchen Moore - I enjoy figuring out taxing situations and resolving accounting projects for different industries, revenue types, estates and trusts, and taxing authorities. This means I am able to assist clients with forming new entities, preparing and filing tax returns, estimating taxes due, sorting out accounting puzzles, estate reporting & disputes, and analyzing IRS or State notices.
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Gretchen Moore
Jenna Klos - My experiences in audit, forensics, and consulting provide the strong foundation for the work I do. My interest in forensic accounting was piqued when I had the opportunity to work on a project resolving large numbers of business claims, and I have wanted to do that type of work ever since. I enjoy working closely with our clients and the fact that each project brings its own unique challenges. I'm a CPA.
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Jenna Klos
Jessica Clemens - For 10 years, I have worked in both public accounting and private industry, providing my wide variety of experiences. I have switched to seasonal tax work along with my other career in residential real estate and spending time with my expanding family. I'm a CPA.
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Jessica Clemens
Jessica Landay - My breadth and depth in business valuation, damages analyses and financial investigations comes from over 10 years of working for firms specializing in these services. I enjoy combining my analytical skills with clear and concise descriptions of the how, what and why of my analysis. I love that each project is different and I learn something new from each one! I'm an ASA, ABV, CVA, and MAFF, and I will soon be a Certified Fraud Examiner!
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Jessica Landay
Kristine Roper - I identify the key pieces of the puzzle. Focusing on these pieces, I determine methods specific to the project and gather supporting details to round out the picture. Valuation and commercial damages are my specialty. Analyzing complex capital structures and applying financial modeling to figure out problems fascinate me! Your unique facts and circumstances benefit from insights I've gained in 18+ years of putting together puzzles in the context of litigation, tax compliance, financial reporting and strategic planning. I'm an ASA.
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Kristine Roper
Lorna Glenn - I love the challenge of fitting the puzzle pieces together. I have worked in public accounting for the past 20 years. My favorite part of public accounting is working closely with our clients to help them solve all their tax issues. I know a lot about the specialized ranching and agriculture reporting. I am a CPA.
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Jenna Klos
Shawnda Maher - As HHA's Business Manager, I'm your go-to person for help with all your invoicing, payment, and balance questions. I'm all about the numbers. I also help the owners manage the business side of HHA.
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Shawnda Maher
Susan Owens - I lived in the mountains, the city and the plains, and worked in banking, accounting, bookkeeping and seasonal tax services. I enjoy my work and look forward to helping more of you! I have a degree in finance.
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Susan Owens
Tamara M. Rigberg - My first forensic accounting experience was in a family law forensic accounting firm in California. In the transition to this firm, I used all the experience I had gained in providing audit and other accounting services to public and private companies and in preparing in-house corporate reporting. I appreciate the opportunity to continue my forensic accounting experience at Harper Hofer, as I will be able to once again apply my experience to sorting out and presenting each engagement's unique and challenging issues. I am a CPA and CVA.
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Tamara M. Rigberg
Trina Hagerty - My specialty is everything tax related: tax for individuals, corporations, trust and partnerships, including income tax planning and return preparation. I also can take charge on your behalf tax disputes of all kinds with the IRS and state and local entities. I enjoy providing exceptional service. My experience came from over 18 years in a mix of public and in-house tax accounting. I am a CPA.
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Trina Hagerty